Your packing list

We feel that it is important to carefully plan your trip to make your days in Belgium a little easier.

  • No blender—We have one in our guesthouse, so do not bother to bring one. We even have a Thermomix at your disposal.
  • Adapter—Patients from the UK or US might want to bring an appropriate adapter for their electrical equipment.
  • Entertainment—Feel free to bring personal entertainment items such as a laptop, music, books, journals, crosswords, etc.  The first few days after surgery, you will probably spend most of the time resting in our guesthouse.
  • Personal items that make you smile—Stuffed animals, a bible, family pictures, etc.
  • Comfortable clothes and pyjamas— After surgery, some patients like to walk around all week in their pyjamas, and that is fine for us. Avoid clothes with a tight-fitting neck. Clothes with zippers that do not have to pass over your head are the easiest. Comfort before fashion is key when selection your clothes.
  • Concealer—Patients still have bruising after one week. You need a good concealer to cover your blue stains if you do not want to attract too much attention when you are going home.
  • Scarf—If you want to take a walk around the block or go to the park nearby, and also when you are returning home, a scarf is very handy to cover your face and make you feel more comfortable.
  • Sunglasses—Come in handy as well to hide swollen or bruised eyes.
  • Your glasses—If you wear contact lenses and you have surgery done around the forehead and eyes, it is very well possible that you will not be able to wear them after surgery. In that case, bringing your glasses is a must!
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