Dr Joel Defrancq

Account details

  • Beneficiary: Joel Defrancq Maxillofacial Centre
  • IBAN: BE80 0018 0925 1777
  • Address (optional): Hazeschransstraat 44, 2650 Edegem
  • Memo: Your name + surgery date + Dr Defrancq

Please notice: Dr Joel Defrancq cannot operate you if he has not seen you in person. A consultation is obligatory.

Dr Maarten Doornaert

Account details

  • Beneficiary: Dr Maarten Doornaert
  • IBAN: BE57 0017 8917 8235
  • Address (optional): Ringlaan 51, 2600 Berchem, Belgium
  • Memo: Your name + surgery date + Dr Doornaert

Price list (excl. VAT)

  • Breast augmentation by implants: 4800 EUR.
  • Hip augmentation with implants: 6000 EUR.
  • Buttock augmentation with implants: 6000 EUR.
  • Combination of hip and buttock augmentation by implants: 10,000 EUR (not recommended as you will only be able to sleep on your stomach).
  • Combination of gluteal implant with liposuction and lipofilling of the hip: 9000 EUR.
  • Combination of hip implant with liposuction and lipofilling: 9000 EUR.
  • Gluteal and hip augmentation with liposculpture: 5500 EUR.

Please notice: Dr Maarten Doornaert cannot operate you if he has not seen you in person. A consultation is obligatory. This consultation should be at least two working days before the actual surgery if implants need to be placed during the operation. This is because there are many different implants and the correct one has to be ordered. As Dr Doornaert operates on a Tuesday, it would mean he should see you on the Sunday before in Antwerp to order the correct implants by Tuesday.

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