Butt augmentation

A butt lift, also called gluteal augmentation or buttock augmentation, is performed by means of an implant or autologous fat.


If you opt for an implant, we use silicone-filled implants. The implants are placed inside of the gluteal muscle. All implants used have a life-long warranty.

In addition, autologous fat transplantation or lipofilling can be performed. Fat tissue can be harvested on regions of the body where depots exist, such as the thighs, the belly and the hips, in a real liposculpture procedure. After processing the fat, it can be used for lipofilling. This is performed by placing tiny deposits of healthy fat throughout the tissues that needs to be augmented. In certain cases, a natural life-long augmentation without scars can be performed. In other cases, lipofilling can be used as an adjunct to placement of a smaller implant to obtain a more natural and long-lasting result.

Indications/ contra-indications:

This technique is suitable for everybody. Lipofilling might be a good solution if you want a secure, lifelong result without scars. Of course, you must have some fat tissue to harvest. We prefer liposuction of the flanks, since this adds to the definition of the gluteal contour. If no fat tissue is useable, an implant will be considered.


  • Quit smoking
  • If lipofilling is indicated, a special lipo-panty should be ordered (by us or by the patient)


For gluteal augmentation, we recommend one overnight stay in the hospital, especially if you have to travel a long way. In case of lipofilling, the procedure can be performed under local anaesthesia with sedation, or under general anaesthesia. In case of implants, we prefer general anaesthesia.

Time investment/recovery/aftercare

  • You must wear a lipo-panty for three to four weeks
  • In case of lipofilling, avoid all pressure on the gluteal area for three weeks
  • No sports for 3 weeks
  • You might experience a heavy (pressure) feel in the operated region after the procedure, which is normal.


  • Short-term— The first 24 hours after the operation, a bleeding or hematoma can occur. After that, like with any operation, a wound infection can occur. An infection of the implant that requires removal is very rare.
  • Long-term—The silicone shell of the implant is constructed with a special surface to allow the surrounding tissues to attach firmly to the implant (capsulation). This is a normal reaction and keeps the implant in the right position. On the long term however, this capsula can start to contract as a scar tissue (capsular contraction), causing the shape of the buttock to change, and sometimes resulting in pain or discomfort. The smaller the implant compared to the present tissues, the better the odds this will not happen.


  • Prices vary around 4000 EUR
  • Excl. of sports bra or lipo-panty
  • Excl. of overnight stay
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