Gel polish

Gel polish is the ideal product for women who want to enjoy perfectly polished nails which last no less than fourteen days. It is durable, beautiful, and provides strength to your nails. Gel polish continues to shine for a long time. Ideal for brittle nails as well.


  • Applied in 30 minutes.
  • Does not damage your natural nails.
  • You have pretty shiny nails for two weeks.
  • Dries immediately after application.
  • Available in various colours.
  • The layer on the nail is as thin as traditional nail polish.


  • Must be re-applied every two weeks.

How it works

  • Preparation—It is important that the nails are well prepared before applying gel polish. We file the nails in shape, we push back the cuticles and gently polish the nails. After this, they are completely degreased so we are sure the gel polish will adhere well.
  • Gel polish is applied just like regular nail polish. A base coat, two coats of coloured gel polish and one glossy top coat. Each layer must cure under a UV-lamp for sixty seconds.
  • After two weeks, we will remove the gel polish by soaking the nails in a remover, which takes about fifteen minutes. After this, we can apply a new layer of gel polish.
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