Lower jaw dental implants

The lower jaw is simply ideal for implants and fixed teeth. Almost any lower jaw is suitable for immediate loading.

The procedure is simple, straightforward, and fast. In the upper jaw the surgeon focuses on doing everything in due measure. In the lower jaw, for Dr Defrancq, the focus lies more on direct comfort. It is easier to achieve good aesthetics in the lower jaw, but attention to function and straightforwardness is much more the issue in question.

During the last twenty years, Dr Defrancq has provided literally many hundreds of patients with a fixed immediate loading on four to six implants in the lower jaw.

  • Those people had their teeth removed at the same time as the implant placement.
  • Or those people were edentulous from the first visit.
  • Sometimes those people had the most caricatural bone resorption.
  • Sometimes those people were over ninety years old and were so happy with their decision afterwards.

All those patients were loaded immediately with a resin or porcelain construction.

Note: We currently provide the upper and lower jaw with implants and fixed teeth in a time frame of four days. The way to reach this result differs considerably from upper jaw to lower jaw. Both jaws indeed have their own particularities, need their own different approaches, and have their own aesthetic and functional accents and demands. Therefore, Dr Defrancq prefers to discuss the upper and lower jaw separately.

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