Widening of the jaws

We use a modular device called the smile distractor (Titamed®) to obtain the widening. The device is extremely versatile and thin (4mm) and by far the most hygienic one on the market. Moreover, the anchoring is achieved with two mini foot plates on the palatal bone. Those plates adapt completely to the palatal arch form.

The surgery

Maxillary expansion is a totally different surgical process to osteotomies. It is achieved by a phenomenon called osteo-distraction. It is a bony distraction with the action not on the teeth, but directly on the bone. Only the bone gradually becomes physically broader, and new bone is laid down in the fracture sides. The teeth themselves therefore do not flare up.

Horizontal bony incisions are well above the root of the teeth, and are followed by one vertical bony incision in the middle between the two front teeth. The two halves of the upper jaw (right and left sides) are then very slightly mobilised independently of each other.

The surgery itself is only the initial phase in skeletal transversal broadening. Widening of the jaw is often the key to a stable result and a nice smile.

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